Prayer In The Trees

IT is not possible to grow in grace, and in the

 knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, without 

much prayer. It is not possible to resist all those

 temptations and evils to which the precious 

youth are so much exposed at the present day,

 without fervent prayer. "Watch and pray," says

 the Saviour, "that ye enter not into temptation."

 If you neglect to watch, you will be likely to 

neglect to pray; and if you neglect to pray, you

 will not have grace and strength to watch over

 your words and actions. You should pray much,

 especially in secret, or alone by yourselves. 

God's eye will be upon you, when you go away 

to pray, and he will hear your prayers, and will

 bless you with his Holy Spirit.

We well remember many blessings, which the 

Lord gave us in answer to prayer, when in our 

boyhood days; and could now go to those very

 places of prayer, although they are hundreds of

 miles from Rochester.

When seeking the Lord, at the age of fourteen,

 we retired to a little grove, a few rods from the

 house, and there, burdened with a sense of 

being a sinner in the sight of God, we wept, and

 cried to the Lord for mercy. The Lord answered

 the broken prayer, and smiled. O! How sweet

was the smile of Jesus, that pleasant morning.

 He seemed exceedingly near and lovely.

After this, we delighted to go away alone and

 pray, | where we often shared the rich 

blessings, and smiles of the Saviour of sinners.

 Dear children, do not forget the words 

of the Saviour: "Watch and pray, that ye enter 

not into temptation." 

 J. W.