A FIERCE tempest was raging along the coast; there was no light of moon or star, and no friendly lighthouse to guide the mariner. The captain of the little fishing vessel tried in vain to find the entrance of the harbor, and his heart sunk within him as he thought that he must perish so near his home. Suddenly a light gleamed through the darkness. The sailor knew that light; it shone from the window of his own cottage, high up on a cliff over-looking the sea. Guided by the welcome ray, he succeeded in reaching the harbor, and in a few hours he was safe by his humble fireside.

The light, which had saved the lives of all on board his vessel had been placed in the cottage window by his little motherless daughter. No beacon fire could live in the fearful storm that swept over the cliff, but the one thing she could do she did; and as the tiny ray pierced the darkness, she knelt down and prayed that it might reach her father in his hour of peril.

From that time a light was always kept burning in the fisherman's window through the entire night. The little family, were very poor, but whatever they might lack of food or clothing that light was never permitted to go out or to burn dim. After a few years the attention of the government was called to the matter, and a lighthouse was erected on the cliff. Thus resulted the act of a little fisher maiden, and as long as the bright beams from the lighthouse guide the sailor on his trackless way, her work will live, though she herself may be sleeping in the grave.

All the followers of Christ, the young as well as the older, are to be lights in the world. By your gentleness, kindness, and courtesy, by your faithfulness in duty, by your cheerful obedience, you may show that you have learned of Jesus, and your example may lead others also to love him.

There are many things, which even a child may do that will be like a ray of light in the darkness. A kind word, a little assistance, a gift to the poor or the sick, a prayer, or a tract may guide some one to the Saviour.

Be not discouraged because you cannot do great things. The little deeds of love, which you may perform will perhaps be the first links in a long chain of blessings. 

By reading a single tract the celebrated minister and writer, Leigh Richmond, was led to Christ. His writings have been blessed to the salvation of hundreds, and his labors were instrumental in the conversion of Wilberforce, the great philanthropist, who secured the abolition of the slave trade, and whose whole life was filled up with earnest efforts for the good of humanity. The influence of that tract is still felt in the world today, and its fruit will be seen throughout eternity.

Although we are not able to build a lighthouse or even a beacon fire, although we cannot preach or publish the gospel, we can all "keep a light in the window burning," we can tell the old, old story of the Saviour's love, and pray that God will bless it to some perishing soul; and who can tell what the result will be?

M. A. D