Child's Prayer.

I PRAY God to bless me, and take care

of me tonight. Forgive me all the wrong

I have done today. Help me to love thee

more and more. May I be a child of God,

and have God for my father and my friend

forever. Hear this little prayer, 0 Lord,

for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.


Jesus, underneath thy care

Let me sweetly sink to rest,

Hear my little evening prayer,

Let thy helpless child be blest!

I thank thee for my happy home,

And all that thou hast given 

0, make my infant heart thine own,

And train thy child for Heaven!

True Reason for Being Honest.

"HONESTY is the best policy," said Harry

aloud;  and I mean always to be honest."

"What does 'best policy' mean?" asked

his sister Ada, looking up from her work.

"Why, this," replied the boy, "that if

you are always honest, even though it may

not seem the wisest thing for yourself at the

time, you will get best off in the end."

"I don't think," replied his sister, "that

is a good reason; because if you saw dishonest

people getting on better for a long

time, you would perhaps get tired of waiting

for the time to come when you would be

'best off,' and begin to be dishonest, too."

"Ada is right," said their mamma, coming

into the room; "be honest because it is right,

 my son; that is the only safe reason.

Try to please God, whether any gain comes

from it or not. You will sometimes not be

able to see how doing the right thing is

profitable in a temporal point of view; but

it will matter little, when you come to die,

whether you have been 'best off' in this

world or not."

"I thank you, mamma," said Harry. "In

future I will endeavor to do right because it

is right, and is pleasing to God, whether it

seems to my advantage or not. 

Chidren’s Guest.

IN the conduct of Christ, we see that we

are never to go aside either to meet or to

miss our cross.