The Comforting Hope.

WHEN little Georgie's mother died, he was

away from home. The news was soon carried

to him, but he could not realize it,

He had never seen a person that was dead

and when he was brought to see his mother, he 

instantly cried out, "Mother! Mother! Wake up

mother! Open your eyes, mother!" With great

earnestness he continued to cry for some time

thinking she was only asleep; but alas! She was

dead, and he knew it not. She could not hear this

call of her dear little boy. Tears came into his

 eyes and he began to sob mournfully as he 

gazed upon the pale face of his loved mother. 

"Don't mother love Georgie any more?" said he,

 as he laid his little hand upon the face that was

 cold as a stone.

He instantly drew back, and throwing up his

 hand: cried out, "Oh! mother is dead! mother

 is dead!'

He cried as if his heart would break, and could

 not be comforted until he was told about the 


His tears were wiped away while he repeated

the joyful words, "Mother will live again.”

How consoling, even to a child, is the hope of the

resurrection. Says the apostle, "Comfort one  

another with these words." 

1 Thessalonians 4:18.

I was told of another little boy that was

 sorrowing for the death of his mother. His father

 led him to the grave, and while the coffin was 

being lowered, he looked up to his father and 

said, "Pa when shall I see ma again?" His father

 answered, “When Jesus comes, you'll see ma

 again." As they turned away from the grave the

 little boy continued to repeat, "When Jesus 

comes, I'll see ma again!" The little mourner was


I once had some conversation with a German

about the resurrection. It was difficult to talk

with him, as he could not understand much of 

the English language. But when I finally 

succeeded in making him understand what I 

believed, he  appeared much pleased. I then 

asked him to tell me how his Bible read about

 the resurrection. He hesitated a little and said,

 "Mine Bible read, When goot  man die, he not 

know anyting; then by and by

Jesus come and fix him." I asked him what he 

meant by Jesus coming to "fix him." He thought

 a moment, and then with an air of triumph said,

 "Make alive! Make alive!" The old German 

Christian was very glad that my Bible read like

 his, and his countenance beamed with joy, while

 in his broken manner he explained his hope, that

 the good, both small and great, of every tongue

 and clime, would live again to die no more.