"Pull, Adam, Pull!"

THERE was a lad in Ireland who was put to

work at a linen-factory, and while he was at his

day work there, a piece of cloth was wanted to

 be sent out which was short of the quantity that

it ought to have; but the master thought it might

be made the length by a little stretching. He 

thereupon unrolled the cloth, taking hold of one

 end of it himself, and placing the boy at the

 other. He then said, "Pull, Adam, Pull!" The

 master pulled with all his might, but the boy

 "stood still. The master again said, "Pull, Adam,

 Pull!" The boy said, "I can't." "Why not?" said 

the master.

"Because it is wrong," said Adam, and he refused

to pull. Upon this the master said he would not 

do for a linen-manufacturer; but that boy became

 the Rev. Dr. Adam Clarke, and the strict 

principles of honesty of his youthful age laid the

 foundation of his future greatness.