An Experience

PERHAPS it will not be uninteresting to the

readers to relate some of my

experience, how I found the narrow way that

leads to life.

I always had a desire to become 

a Christian from the earliest remembrance of my

 childhood days; yet how to be one, was always

 a query in my mind.

I was blest with pious parents, and my devoted

mother early taught me (and my younger sister)

to pray, or to repeat the Lord's prayer, either 

before or after retiring to rest, which I think 

impressed upon our minds the necessity of 

prayer; and I would occasionally try to pray in 

secret, after I had ceased to say the Lord's 

prayer. My mother would often point us to Jesus,

 yet how to be a Christian I did not fully 

understand. I had often attended public worship,

 but never remember of hearing the way of life

 pointed out so that it was simplified to the 

understanding of a child.

But perpetual punishment for the reward of the

wicked I can well remember.

Some years glided away, until I passed from

childhood to youth, when I found myself 

surrounded with youthful associates, who were

 living without a hope in Jesus. Their frequent

parties of pleasure seemed to engross their

 whole attention. At times I joined with them, but

 a remorse of conscience followed, and I wept in

solitude over the past. I would say within my

heart, "O that I were a Christian! Death may

call me away in an unexpected moment 


I saw too many that professed to "get religion," 

but it was like the morning cloud and

early dew, that soon passes away. In a few

months they were as gay and thoughtless 

as ever.

This was discouraging to me, and my serious

impressions wore away, until I heard the

everlasting gospel proclaimed, "Fear God and

give glory to him, for the hour of his judgment

is come."

It was first preached to us by Bro. Rhodes.

With such solemnity and power did he proclaim

the truth, and with such solemn appeals did he 

exhort the sinner to prepare to meet his God, 

that it melted the hardened sinner's heart, and

 there was a mighty awakening; and the Lord 

wrought in power among both old and young. 

Here I began anew to seek the Lord as never 

before. Often did I retire in secret to plead for 

my soul's salvation, but the thought that the 

prayerof the sinner was an abomination in His

 sight sometimes hindered me, yet I could not 

cease from prayer. At one time I wandered in the

field to a secluded spot, and knelt for prayer;

after I arose my mind was calm and serene, all

my trouble and perplexity was gone. Here, for

the first time, I felt that God heard and answered

prayer. I found that I had been unwilling

to believe, that he was willing to receive me, and

that my unbelieving, doubting heart had kept me

from receiving the blessing before. I returned

to the house singing these words:

"My old companions, fare you well,

I will not go with you to hell;

I mean with Jesus Christ to dwell,

Let me go, fare you well,"

This contained the sentiments of my heart. I

now felt that I could leave all for Christ, and that

he was "the chiefest among ten thousand, and

the one altogether lovely."

Some weeks passed away, and the ordinance

of baptism was to be administered, but my mind

now seemed beclouded, and I felt perplexed. I

knew it was duty to go forward, if I felt free. I

tried to look to the Lord for more liberty, but

felt no different. Here I think Satan was tempting

me to keep me from duty; but I had resolved

to obey God, and as others went forward, I

went with them; and as I arose from the water,

I was filled with joy inexpressible. I felt that

all my sins were washed away, and such 

happiness I enjoyed as I never before 


Though some time has passed away since I

began the narrow way, yet I never have become

weary in trying to follow the narrow path that

leads to eternal life.