Tower Of Repentance.

Two gentlemen were riding out one  day, 

and  they  saw  a  shepherd  lad  reading  his 

Bible.  They went  to  him,  and  asked  him 

which was the road to Heaven.

The shepherd boy looked at them for a   

moment,  and seeing they intended  to  make fun 

of him, said, "Gentlemen, the way to Heaven 

is  by that  tower," pointing  to  one  at  some 


They laughed  at him, and rode on.  Presently 

  they came near the tower, when  one of 

them said,  "I should like  to  know the name 

of that tower."  He stopped and asked a   

countryman what  it was  called.  The man  told 

him  it was the Tower of Repentance.  This 

explained  what  the  shepherd  boy  had  told 


Remember that it is written,  "Except  ye 

repent, ye shall  all likewise  perish."