WE have received (says Nature) from Messrs. Eberstein, of Dresden, a specimen of an interesting "walking-stick for naturalists or tourists." The stick is a perfect multum in Parvo, and contains quite a museum of scientific instruments. The handle alone contains a compass, a double magnifying glass or pocket microscope, and a whistle. Below it there is a thermometer on one side of the stick, and a sand-glass on the other. The body of the stick is partly hollow, and its interior holds a small bottle, which is intended to contain chloroform or ether for killing insects. 

Along the outside of the body there is a half-meter measure, showing decimeters and centimeters. Near the end of the stick a knife blade may be opened, which serves for cutting off objects, which cannot be reached by hand. At the extreme end a screw may hold in turn a spade (for botanists), a hammer (for geologists), a hatchet, or a strong spike, which would be of great use on glaciers. The whole is neatly finished in black polished wood.