The Accurate Boy.

THERE was once a young lad in a large wholesale store in San Francisco, who was occupying a position that hundreds of boys in that city would like to have had. It was an honorable position as well as a paying one; and it was often a query among the boys how so poor a boy (for poor he was), filled so trustworthy and important a situation as that which our young friend occupied. It was not by his education and polished manners, nor by influential friends, that he found favor in the firm of. 

The secret, my young friends, was his accuracy. His leisure time he used in perfecting his writing and arithmetic. He did not idle away his time on the corners, not a bit of it. He was looking beyond being an office boy; and as he advanced step by step, his employer commended his accuracy, and promoted him accordingly. He was reliable, he was truthful, he was honest and accurate. What he did, he did just right.

It is thus with every occupation in which we engage. The accurate boy is the favored one. Those who employ either men or boys do not wish to be on the constant lookout as though they were rogues or fools. If the mechanic must stand at his journeyman's elbow to be sure he does his work right, or if the merchant must run over his bookkeepers' accounts day after day, he might as well do the work himself as to employ others to half do it. It is quite evident that the employer will get rid of such inaccurate workmen as soon as possible. What you do, my young friends, learn to do well. Be accurate every time. 



"Now, I suppose I shall have to be very good, grandma, because we have got this baby; for mother won't want her to be naughty, and she will be if I am." So said a little fellow, looking earnestly up into his grandma's face. It is well for all young folks to remember that they cannot be good or naughty for themselves alone; they will influence somebody 

or other to be like them.

ANY life is a success upon which God 


SEEK no other wisdom but God, 

for he is all wisdom