IT is believed that a practically inexhaustible supply of emery ore has been discovered near Peekskill on the Hudson. 

The discovery is regarded as one of the greatest importance from the fact that this metal, in a sufficiently pure state to make it marketable, is found in only one place in the United States, near Chester, Mass., though beds of corundum containing emery have been found in North Carolina, Georgia, and Montana. The Chester beds are said to be running out, and in that case dependence would have to be placed entirely upon shipments from Naxos, an island in the Grecian Archipelago, and from the territory near Ephesus.


WHO of our little readers ever heard of a natural mug? Well, there is just such a thing in the West Indies; it grows on trees in hot climates where there is little rain. These mugs hold about one quart; when the dew falls it is received into the mug, and a valve closes at the top and prevents evaporation. Birds are often seen to insert their beaks and procure water from them. This shows how good God is in thus providing a drinking place for the little birds that live where water is hard to find. "They sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them."