The Snow.

COME down, snow-flakes, as thick, as fast,

and as many, as you please. It is fun to watch

you hurry-scurry through the air. The cows

don't care; they have plenty to eat in the

stall. The sheep don't care; they have a

snug crib in the barn. The pinks and roses

don't care. Yes, they do care. They want

you to cover them up from the north wind in

your thick blanket, as warm as wool. You

put a beautiful dress on the bare fields; you

till up the chinks; you make soft holes for the

rabbits; you make squirrel tracks.

The boys don't care. Yes, they do care.

They like you ever so much. It makes fun.

The girls care. They like coasting; and skating

they like better still. Everybody loves to

hear the merry sleigh-bells, that never jingle

but for you. Come down, snow-flakes, as

thick and fast and many as you please. It is

fun to see you.

Only little Bare-Toes is sorry. Poor little

Bare-Toes! And Thin-Shoes and No-Coat

would rather not see you. Poor little supperless

children; poor little blanketless children;

poor little children with no fire, no light, no

work, no play! These are the children of

want, and want is never glad to see you.

But come you will, because God sends you.

And does not God send us a message by

you? Oh, yes; God sends a message. What

is it? Listen: Feed the hungry; clothe

the naked; visit the sick; and inasmuch

as you do it unto one of the least of these,

you do it unto me.

Let us begin now. The New Year is a time

to remember the poor. As God blesses us,

so let us bless others. This is being like him.

— Child's Paper.