A Wonderful Machine,

IT has been reckoned, says Dr. Dick, that the

heart of a man at each beat exerts a power

of equal to 100,000 pounds! We admire steam-

engines and their astonishing strength; and yet

those of the very best construction, made of the

strongest materials, require to be repaired at the

end of a very short time, perhaps in a few 


whilst, the heart and lungs of a child will 

continue to play for eighty years and more, and

 will go on without stopping, day and night, 

whether he is awake or asleep; and all this time

 they are renewed or repaired without his 

knowledge or interference.

Have you ever thought of these things, dear


Have you ever considered that your hearts

are at this moment beating about seventy times

 in a minute, or 100,000 times in a day, without

 your taking any trouble about the matter?