HOW frequently we see people who are deprived of their natural sight, blind, and how we pity their condition. The loss of, or a defect in, any of the organs of our senses is truly lamentable, but the loss of sight seems most so. To be unable to look upon the beauties of nature, the faces of those we love and with whom we converse, unable to read or study, or to perform manual labor, must detract much from what makes life desirable. Truly, the blind need our most tender sympathies; and of all people they most need the sustaining grace of the gospel, for it is when its purpose shall have been accomplished that the glad day will be ushered in when deaf ears shall be unstopped, and the blind shall receive their sight.

But the condition of a true Christian whose natural vision is wholly darkened is enviable compared with his whose moral vision is blinded. Indeed, to be living at ease, self-satisfied, blind to our faults, is the worst condition that can befall a human being. Probably most of the family have good natural sight, which is one of God's rich gifts, and should be used to his glory; but can they detect the corruptions of the heart? Do they see the faults, which separate them from God? If not, there is a film of blindness over their eyes, and although it may hide their sins now, the day is fast approaching when every fault will be revealed in its true light.

Dear children and youth, we are treading upon the last sands of time, upon the very verge of eternity, and we know that many of you are walking blindly, self-deceived, and that unless you can see your true condition the great day of God will overtake you as a thief. We urge each of you to anoint your eyes with the Revelator's eye-salve, which is a never-failing remedy for blindness of heart, making you feel your need of the white raiment, which must clothe all who are saved. Don't wait till tomorrow, but know today, and each succeeding day of your lives, that you are clothed with the wedding garment, and then whether you fall asleep in death, or are alive when Christ comes, it will be well with you.

M. J. C.