Do More for Mother.

"Is THERE any vacant place in this bank

which I could fill?" was the inquiry of a

boy, as, with a glowing cheek, he stood before

the manager.

"There is none," was the reply. "Were

you told that you might obtain a situation

here? Who recommended you?"

"No one recommended me, sir," calmly

answered the boy. "I only thought I

would see."

There was a straightforwardness in the

manner, an honest determination in the

countenance of the lad, which pleased the

man of business, and induced him to continue

the conversation. He said, "You

must have friends who could aid you in obtaining

a situation; have you told them?"

The quick flash of the deep blue eyes

was quenched in the overtaking wave of

sadness, as he said, though half musingly,

"My mother said it would be useless to

try without friends;" then, recollecting himself,

he apologized for the interruption, and

was about to withdraw, when the gentleman

detained him by asking him why he

did not remain at school for a year or two,

and then enter the business world.

"I have no time," was the reply. "I

study at home, and keep up with the other


"Then you have had a place already?"

said his interrogator. "Why did you leave


"I have not left it," answered the boy,


"But you wish to leave it; what is the

matter ?"

"For an instant the child hesitated; then

he replied, with half-reluctant frankness:

"I must do more for my mother!"

Brave words! Talisman of success anywhere,

everywhere. They sank into the

heart of the listener, recalling the radiant

past. Grasping the hand of the astonished

child, he said, with a quivering voice, "My

good boy, what is your name? You shall

fill the first vacancy for an apprentice that

occurs in the bank. If meantime you need

a friend, come to me. But now give me

your confidence. Why do you wish to do

more for your mother? Have you no father?"

Tears filled his eyes as he replied, "My

father is dead, my brothers and sisters are

dead, and my mother and I are left alone to

help each other. But she is not strong;

and I wish to take care of her. It will

please her, sir, that you have been so kind;

and I am much obliged to you." So saying,

the boy left, little dreaming that his

own nobleness of character had been as a

bright glance of sunshine into that busy

world he had so tremblingly entered. A

boy animated by the desire to help his mother

will always find friends.