HENRY, upon being asked in a letter from his absent aunt how many boys were in his Sabbath-school class last Sabbath, replied: "If you multiply the number of Jacob's sons by the number of times that the Israelites compassed Jericho, and add to the product the number of measures of barley which Boaz gave Ruth; divide this by the number of Haman's sons; subtract the number of each kind of clean beasts that went into the ark; multiply by the number of men who went to seek Elijah after he was taken to Heaven; subtract from this Joseph's age when he stood before Pharaoh; add the number of stones in David's bag when he killed Goliath; subtract the number of furlongs that Bethany was distant from Jerusalem; divide by the number of anchors cast out at the time of Paul's shipwreck; and subtract the number of people saved in the ark, the remainder will be the number of boys in the class." How many were there?



SOMETIMES little boys and girls tease their mothers when they are busy, by asking questions. There was once a very little boy who used to ask his mother a great many questions; and how do you think she answered him? "Read, and you will know," said she; and she would give him books', where he found all he wished to know. Some times, too, this little boy used to wish that he could do this difficult thing, or that difficult thing; and instead of discouraging him, this good mother would say one little word, and that word was "Try." The little boy was Sir William Jones, afterwards one of the most learned men that ever lived.