How To Work.

LET it be firmly settled in the mind before we

put our hand to the work that what we are about

to do is the task assigned to us in the order of

 God's providence; that it is a task which he will

 inspect, and that it must be executed as well as

 we are able, in order that it may meet his 

approval. There are children who are too young

 to be left alone in the preparation of their 

lessons. The teacher must sit with them while

 they prepare; they must work under his eye, and

 have him by them to apply to, and ask help from,

 when they come across a difficulty. Now some

 of the deepest lessons of divine truth are to be

 learned from our management of

children; and the way of so doing work that it

 may be a source of spiritual consolation and 

strength, is among these lessons. Do the work

 under the eye of your heavenly Master; and look

 up in his face from time to time for his help and

 blessing, an internal colloquy with him ever and

 anon, so far from being a distraction will be a

 furtherance. For no work can in any sense 

prosper which is not done with a bright, elastic

 spirit; and there is no means of keeping the 

spirit bright and elastic but by keeping it near to

 God. Keep as close under his eye when working

 as you can; and open your heart to him as often

 as you can.

 The Pursuit of Holiness.

WHEREVER in this world we are,

In whatso'er estate,

We have a fellowship of hearts

To keep and cultivate;

And a work of lowly love to do

For the Lord on whom we wait.