Secret Prayer.

PERHAPS the readers think

that already enough has been said about

 prayer. Much has been said, it is true, but

those who love prayer, love to hear about it.

The little child taught from infancy to lisp a 

prayer to God, does not lose the impression it

 leaves in after years.

I have thought that the loveliest sight I ever saw

was a little curly haired child of four years 

arrayed for bed, with hands clasped, repeating

 its prayers at its mother's knee. . I thought, God

 hears such prayers. This is the way to bring the

 little ones to the Saviour for his blessing.

But if such need to pray, how much more those 

of larger growth those who are just stepping into

manhood and womanhood. If at any time Satan

tries to ensnare children, it is then. You all know

you have a lurking foe, spreading hidden traps 

for your feet. Would you shun them, prayer is 

your only safeguard. We have the testimony that

 Satan hates the voice of earnest prayer, and 

will flee at the sound of it. Then here is safety.

 Resisting the Devil is the work of the child of 

God. Prayer is his weapon of self defense, 

without which every other weapon fails.

Daily seasons of communing with God and 

reading his word, impart life to the soul as much

 as wholesome food does to the body. The 

promise in return is that our Father who seeth 

in secret shall reward us openly. Then will our

 daily walk be attended with the blessing of God.

 How easily we can tell a devoted Christian. The

 countenance is expressive of what is going on

 in the heart. Unlike the world in almost every 

respect, they make a steady onward march for 


At times how my heart goes out for the young.

Some have stood upon the borders of the grave,

 but God in mercy has spared them. Have such

 given their heart to the Lord? I fear, if not, 

affliction may call louder than before. It requires

 a great deal to stem the tide of pride and sin in

 these last days, and who will do it? Who will be

 a Christian in every sense of the word? Will the

 youth make the effort? Will the children make 

their little efforts to be good, that they may be


If those who take an interest  

finally enter into the haven of rest, what joy will

fill their hearts to see any of the Instructor 

family there much more, could they find its 

circle unbroken.

May God grant that this may be, while our united

song of praise ascends to God and the Lamb.

M. D. A.