God's Remembrance.

IT is said that God "remembered Noah." Surely,

God never forgets! Yet there are times when he

may be said specially to remember.

Picture to yourself the horrors of the deluge. The

fountains of the great deep breaking up; the 

bursting clouds pouring their torrents upon the

 doomed earth; the consequent gloom and 

loneliness, as the ark, borne gradually up above

 the highest point to which some despairing

 wretch might flee for safety,was driven here 

and there upon the waters floating over a sinful 

world. No light through the encircling clouds; no

 voice of succor from Heaven;only the ceaseless

 downfall of the pitiless rain truly, there was 

need of faith, sublime as the patriarch's,calmly

 to meet this hiding of the covenant God.

But he "remembered Noah;" and so will he 

remember us. In our saddest days, under our 

heaviest burdens, when life seems at a standstill

 becauseof the impenetrable gloom of sore trials,

 and sight cannot discover one ray of delivering

 light, faith should grasp the assurance that the 

Eternal Ruler never forgets, and in his own time

 will appear for our help. 

E, M. C.


THERE went a wise and a foolish man,

And each to build him a house began:

One built on a rock, and one on the sand;

And when the two houses erect did stand,

While the sun shone on them, no man could see

Which house of the two might the firmer be.

But when the dark sky began to frown,

And the wind and the storm 

and the rain came down, 

The rock-built house bore 

the shock right well, 

While its neighbor tottered, 

and crashing, fell. 

So those shall stand 

in the tempest's shock, 

Who build on God's promise, 

the Bible rock, 

While the hope that wars 

against God's command, 

Shall fall with a crash, 

like the house on the sand.