The Boy At The Palace Gate.

THERE was once a little English boy who

wished very much to see the Queen; so he

determined at once to go to the palace, and

ask to see her.

But the sentinel on guard before the gate

only laughed at the boy, and pushed him

aside with his musket. Still the lad could

not give up his purpose, now he had come

so far. Not till the soldier had threatened

to shoot him did he turn and run away. One

of the young princes saw him crying, and on

learning the cause said with a smile, " I'll"

take you to the Queen," and past the guards

he walked, into the very presence of his

royal mother.

With surprise she asked her son about the

lad, and, when she heard his story, laughed

as any kind-hearted mother would, and

with some kindly words sent the delighted

boy away, with a bright piece of money in

his hand.

It is a hard matter for the poor to gain 

admittance into the presence of an earthly


But the way into the presence of the

Great King is always open, and even the

beggar in his rags is welcome. 

Just as this little prince brought the child

who longed to see her into his mother's

 presence, so Christ takes us by the hand and

leads us into the presence of his Heavenly

Father. For the dear Son's sake we are

made welcome. Without him we can never

be admitted. Never forget, when you pray

to God, to ask all blessings for the sake of

Jesus, for in no other way will prayer ever

be heard and answered. No one who longs

to see the King in his beauty but will find

the Prince of Life ever ready to lead him up

to his very throne.