Christ's New Little Girl.

A SABBATH-SCHOOL teacher had a letter

from one of her little scholars, and she


"If you should come back here, I think

you would find a new little girl. I don't

mean a new face. I look like your same

Jenny, only gladder; but I don't feel a bit

like her, for I have got a new heart. Jesus

gave it to me instead of my naughty one,

and that makes me feel new all over. Oh, it

is so good to get a new heart; why don't

everybody get one? And it's just as easy.

That's why I said you would not find your

old, naughty Jenny, but a better one, Christ's

new little girl."

"I can study ever so much better than I

used to. You know how hard geography

used to be to me; but now, just before I get

my lesson, I put my head down behind my

book, and ask Jesus to help me, and I think

he keeps the long words right in my mind,

for I remember them all the time. Oh,,

don't you wish I had been a new little girl

before? Then you would have loved me

more, and Jesus too. I could have studied

better, and done everything nicer. If you

know any little girls who haven't a new

heart, tell them Jenny wants them, to get

one right away." 


CHARITY gives itself rich, 

but covetousness

hoards itself poor.