Deceitful Flowers

CHOOSE this day whom ye will serve. If the Lord

is worthy thy heart's best affections, upon him

 bestow them. If the pleasures and vanities of

 this world are more worthy, bestow thy 

wealth of affection there.

EMMA. Why art thou looking towards the

 enchanted garden? I thought thou wert just now

 desiring those beautiful flowers that gem yon 

upland path. There are fadeless flowers there, 

sister, and flowers that bloom when the wintry 

winds moan sadly above the snowy sheet. 

Heart's-ease or Violet nestles lovingly beside her

 stainless sister Snowdrop, each content if 

heaven but drop one tear of joy upon their lowly

 forms. There, too, the Amaranth blooms, fit type

 of immortality. What language more desirable,

 more enticing, than the whisperings of Purity,

 Contentment, and Immortality?

LILLIE. O Emma, I have thought they were

 desirable, yea, more to be desired than fine

 gold. But see how fickle and how weak I am. I'm

 more than half inclined to leave them vow, and

 seek those gorgeous ones in yonder glen. It 

seems so difficult to climb this steep ascent SO

 easy to reach those.

EMMA. Knowest thou not an enemy helped 

beautify that fascinating spot? The brightest 

flowers and greenest ivy grow and twine around

 the deepest pits. 0 Lillie, do not venture there!

LILLIE. I’ll shun the pitfalls by venturing only

in the open paths. Surely they are safe.

EMMA. Sister, beware! Those winding, flower-bordered

paths, though richly covered with a mossy

carpet, have here and there a thorn embedded, which,

like swords' points, pierce. Many who think to

shun the dangerous pit by following the

 frequented path, often turn aside to escape 

the wounding thorns. Out of the path they are

 surrounded by dangers soon they fall to rise no


LILLIE. But I will not go very far just feast my

eyes awhile and then return and go with you.

EMMA. Very few find their way out,- who enter

that labyrinth. Here and there a heart-sick one

employs a guide, by giving up all he has to him,

and thereby escapes those dangers, but they 

return foot-sore and weary, heartily dissatisfied

 with all they have seen.

LILLIE. But I must satisfy myself I'll go.

EMMA. Then farewell. I fear we never more

shall meet. Farewell.

0 sister, if thou hadst believed my words, and

gone with me! The path is entered thou art

 feeling now a thorn; thy troubled look, and thy

 involuntary starts, prove my words to be true.

 She now believes, but still proceeds. 0, if she

 would turn back! But no, she's turning from the

 path. She seeks the arbor enters sinks she's 

gone she's gone!

0 gilded pleasure scenes of gayety and frivolity

and mirth, in you I behold Satan's enchanted

ground. There's poison, but not perfume, in your

flowers; and those who tread in your alluring

paths will find themselves pierced through with

many sorrows. The Christian's rugged path be

mine the path where flowers of Meekness, Purity

and Hope so sweetly grow. The path that

leads where flowers immortal bloom.