A YOUNG city fop, in company with some belles of fashion, was riding into the country for pleasure, when they saw a rustic-looking country lad at work by the road-side. Thinking it a fine opportunity to show his wit to the damsels, by sporting with the poor boy's ignorance, he accosted him thus: 

"Can you inform me, Mr. Zebedee, how far it is to where I am going, and which is the most direct road?"

Poor Zebby, not the least daunted, but with the most sober and composed face, said, 

"If you are going to the gallows, it is but a short distance; if to jail, it stands but a few rods this side; but if only to poverty and disgrace, you are now approaching your journey's end; and as for the most direct road to either, you are now in it, and cannot miss the way."

The dandy dropped his head and drove on.

When fine clothes won't treat rusty ones politely, it's a sure sign there's a fool in them.

WHO is wise? He that is teachable. Who is mighty? He that conquers himself. Who is rich? He that is contented. 

Who is honored? He that honoreth others.