A Few Words About Jesus

"CAN you tell me" said Napoleon, "who

Jesus Christ was? I will tell you. Alexander,

Caesar, Charlemagne and myself, have

founded great empires; but upon what did

these creations of our genius depend? Upon

force. Jesus alone founded an empire upon

love, and this very moment tens of thousands

would die for him. I am not mistaken I

know human nature well. Those kings were

only men as I am only a man. Jesus Christ

was alone. No other ever resembled him.

Jesus was more than man. Thousands have

been animated with such an enthusiasm for

me that they would die for me; but to inspire

such devotion, it was necessary that I

should be visibly present among them, that

they should feel the influence of my looks,

my voice, my words. Jesus alone hath so

elevated the mind of man to the unseen that

it is insensible to time or space."