THAT the second coming of Christ is at hand is a truth in which all living are deeply interested. But it is of special importance that the youth should know and realize this truth; for they naturally look forward to mature years, and are laying plans for the future; and these plans should be modified by the fact that their probation, as well as that of older persons, is soon to be closed.

The time must come when Jesus will cease his intercession before the throne in Heaven. And it must necessarily be that at that time there will be persons of all ages living upon the earth. The aged will naturally know that their time on earth is short; but the young must be specially warned, so that they may seek in earnest a preparation for that sudden event which will fix their destiny forever.

Besides all the general warnings, exhortations, and entreaties which God has addressed to mankind, in order that they may accept of the great salvation so freely offered in the gospel, he has promised a special warning to the last generation, which in his providence he is now giving. 

Faith in the word and promise of God surely leads to this conclusion. Our actions will tell how much faith we have; and our faith will be of no use, unless it works by love and purifies the heart. "He that hath this hope in him [the hope of seeing Jesus, and being made like him], purifielh himself, even as he is pure."

The natural, sinful heart needs time for this purification, this great moral change. 

Time is graciously given. My young friends, you are being warned. Will you accept the warning, and get ready for the event?