Jack, the Unruly Colt.

JACK was a very pretty colt, and possessed

a good disposition. His color was dark

brown, his head was always held up in a

comely manner, and he was a general favorite

with his master's family; and had it not

been for one ugly trait of character, Jack

would have had many privileges and great

liberties granted to him.

We are sorry to tell you that Jack was unruly.

He did not seem to understand what

fences were made for, and he seemed as much

at home on one side of the fence as the other;

but he generally preferred to be on the side

where he did not belong.

Many experiments were made with pokes

and the like, but he despised them all; and

finally his owner (fearing the effect of example

upon the other animals with which Jack

daily associated) shut up the unruly colt

closely in yard or stable.

Occasionally Jack was turned loose with

his old associates to see if he would not reform;

but he only grew worse, until now the

unruly colt is closely shut up day and night,

and instead of nice, green pasture, he has to

eat dry hay.

So it is, children, with us. If we continue

to disobey God and break his law, he will be

compelled to close up the offer of mercy and

pardon, and will shut up those who thus

break his law, reserving them to future 


Think of this, dear reader, when you persist

in sin. Think of unruly Jack and learn

a wholesome lesson.