Running Errands For Jesus.

"How I wish I had lived in Jesus' time,'

said little Louis, looking up brightly after

his mother's Sunday evening reading. "How

I should have loved to do something for


"What could a little boy like you do for

Jesus?" asked his mother.

"I could run errands for him," he said.

"And did you never think you could do

the same now? Jesus has a great many errands

he wants done every day."

"What is one, mother?"

"Well, he wants some one to drive home

poor old Nellie's cow from the pasture every

day now that she is lame and cannot go out." 

Louis looked up in surprise. "Does he

care about that, mother?"

"Certainly; Nellie is one of his dear

children, though she is old and poor; and

every little kindness we do to her, he considers

just the same as doing something

for him. You know the verse about it."

"Yes: 'Inasmuch as ye have done it

unto one of the least of these my brethren,

ye have done it unto me.' "

Louis had heard that verse a great many

times, but never realized what it meant till


"Can you tell me some other errand Jesus

would have me do?" he asked.

"Jesus always wishes us to bring people

to church and the Sabbath-school when we

can. He wishes somebody to look after

those new-comers down in Bank Street, and

try to bring them in. There seems to be a

number of children about."

"They are rough-looking folks, mother;

and I heard one of the boys use bad words

in the street."

"So much more need of bringing them

under better influences. Jesus came on purpose

to save folks. Then, when your teacher

is ill, as she often is now-a-days, Jesus

wants some one to be very attentive, and

save her steps by waiting upon her and being

very kind and thoughtful about making

her trouble. You can truly think, my boy,

that every kind action you do toward any

one is doing something for Jesus. It is just

what he would do in your place."

Are there not other children ready and

willing to run errands for Jesus? 

Child's World.