Trusting In The Lord.

THERE are many beautiful  passages  in 

the Holy  Scriptures exhorting  us  to  trust 

in the Lord.  The thirty-seventh psalm   

contains a  number  of  these  exhortations  to 

trust in  Him  who  has  said,  "I  will  never 

leave  thee  nor forsake  thee."  In the fifth 

verse,  we read,  "Commit thy way unto the 

Lord, trust  also in  him;  and he shall bring 

it to  pass."

He has promised that if we trust in him, 

and  do  good, we shall dwell in the land, and 

those  who  wait  on  the  Lord  and  keep  his 

way shall  see  the  wrong-doer  cut  off;  and 

because  they trust in  him,  he shall  deliver 

them  from the wicked, and save them.

I would here relate an incident in the  

experience  of  a  soldier of  the Union  army, 

during the late  war, which shows  the   

faithfulness  of  the  Lord  to  them  who  trust  in 

him.  Seeing himself  a sinner,  he  gave  his 

heart to God,  and tried to serve him, though 

surrounded  by  wickedness  on  every  hand. 

He faithfully discharged every duty allotted 

him,  until  an  order  came which  led  him  to 

feel  that  to  obey  would  be  violating  his 

sense  of right.  He decided to be free from 

condemnation by not obeying the command 

given.  I will not say he was right in this; 

but  all  the  circumstances  are  not  given 

whereby we  may  judge whether  his  course 

was right or not.  He was arrested and put 

under  guard.  He now began  to  consider 

more  fully  the  nature  of  his  offense.  If 

court-martialed,  he  would  be  condemned, 

and perhaps sentenced to serve in some   

government  prison  a  number  of  years,    

separated from  friends  at  home,  whom  he 

 was  expecting soon to  see.  The thought

 almost  overcame  him,  and he  hardly knew

 what to do. 

While in  this  state  of  mind,  the  words

"Call upon  me  in  the  day  of  trouble;  I 

will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me," 

Ps.  50:15, came  to  him  with  such  force 

that he resolved  to  present  his  case to  the 

Lord, and in prayer, he besought  him  to 

deliver him  out of  his present trouble.

As he was thus  pleading in  his  heart  to 

God, he saw the officer  who ordered his    

arrest looking  at him. This only caused him 

to  pray  the  more  earnestly.  He felt  his 

prayer  answered,  and  very  soon  came  the 

order for him  to  go  to  his  quarters.

The soldier had tried the Lord, and his 

faith  was  strengthened.  Some time after 

this,  he  asked  the  sergeant  who  released 

him  how  the  lieutenant  appeared  when  he 

gave the order for him  to go  to  his  quarters. 

"He acted  as  if  he was  mad," was the   

reply, thus showing,  how,  against  his  will,  he 

released  the  soldier  from  serious    

consequences  had he  been  tried for  


If we do good and trust in the Lord, we 

need  never fear;  for he  has promised  to  be 

a  present help  in  every  time of trouble.


Battle  Creek