â€śCome Unto Me."

CHILDREN, Jesus is very willing to save

you. He is even exceedingly anxious to do

so. He has left an invitation to all who are

weary and heavy laden to come to him. And

He has especially remembered little children.

Suffer them, he says, and forbid them not to

come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of

Heaven. I wish every reader felt the love of 

Christ in their hearts. I wish they knew how 

kind and good he is to all. I wish their thoughts

might be more of him, so they could say,

Jesus is my joy and my song all the day long.

How important it is that children now should 

accept the invitation. Only for very short time

 will it be possible for any to come to him. Soon 

he is coming to gather those who have sought 

his face, his favor, pardon and love, and to 

destroy those who have loved other 

things.Come, children, come. He who once 

took little children in his arms, lovingly 

extends them to you. But how shall I come?

I think many will ask themselves. I know

you cannot go to him now, and see and feel

him as you can father or mother. But He

who made you and provides you every day

with what you need, can see you, does see

you and hear you. And you can come to

him. The way is easy. First be sorry for

your past sins those things you did that

you know were wrong. Confess those wrongs

to him. Ask him to forgive you. And do

not do so any more. Pray for strength to

do well. If you have wronged any, father,

mother, sisters, brothers, or friends and it is

in your power to go and confess to them, do

so at once, for you cannot come to Jesus

while you remember that they have aught

against you. Jesus makes it plain: "Cease to

do evil, learn to do well." Begin today to

do right. If you know a thing is wrong, do

not do it. Satan will try to make you think

it will be pleasant; but he deceives you. It

is not pleasant to have our way and displease

Jesus, our parents, and friends. Seek to do

right. The Saviour kindly calls you. He

will gently lead you. He will make you

happy. He will make you feel his presence

near, as a friend and companion walking

with you. I mean to try, by the grace of

God, to meet you in the kingdom of Heaven.


"Taking Jesus with Us."

This is a portion of an exhortation given

by a man of God, to those who listened to

his remarks one Sabbath. I understood it

then as I never did before. To do this is to

be very careful of our words and actions,

wherever we may be, as well toward our parents,

brothers, sisters and playmates, as

those in whose society we seldom are.

We generally wish, and try, to appear

well in the company of those we respect and

wish to please. How careful we are not to

speak angrily in our families if they are

present, to be willing to lend our aid in bearing

the burdens and sharing the duties with

those at home while their eyes are upon us.

Now, if we heed the above exhortation, we

will wish to always do so as to please the

Lord. In this way, our dispositions will become

more and more, from day to day, like

His. We will study God's word to learn

what will please the precious Saviour, and

seek to practice it at home, that Jesus may

be pleased to be with us. Many children, I

am sorry to say, change their dispositions as

they do their garments, when they go among

strangers or away from home; putting on

their best ways and leaving their old ones at

home, to be worn again on their return.

Such have little or no desire to take Jesus

with them; if they did they would always

carry their home ways with them, and not

make awkward work of appearing what they

are not. Home ways are the best and most

honest ones, if we are ever striving to have

the company of Him who has said, "Him

that honors me, will my Father honor."


Battle Creek, Michigan.