YOUTH is the time to cultivate kindness, gentleness, and love. The tender heart of the little child may grow more lovely as the years roll on. A daily discipline in kindness will transform and beautify the life. 

Dear children, if you value your own happiness and desire to make others happy, then be generous, helpful, and willing to aid those who need help.

The measure that you mete unto others will be measured to you again. Do you desire friends? Then be friendly. Do you desire sympathy? Then be sympathetic. 

Do you desire a life of calm happiness? Then strive to make the lives of those around you happy.

I once heard a lady remark, "I am tired of helping other people; I receive no reward, and hereafter I shall look after my own interests."

The remark was unwise and the conclusion erroneous. No reward may be received in the shape of dollars and cents, but the goodwill of the community is worth something, and no act of kindness is unnoticed by God. No unkind person will ever tread the golden streets of the city above.



"SIR," said a young man who came to Philip Henry, the great divine, "how long should a man go on repenting? How long, Mr. Henry, do you mean to go on repenting yourself?" What did old Philip Henry reply? "Sir," said he, "I hope to carry my repentance to the gates of Heaven? For every day I find I am a sinner, and every day I need to repent; and so I mean to carry my repentance, by God's help, up to the very gates of Heaven."  


J. C. Rile.