ELSIE had a weekly allowance of money given her by her papa. She kept a little account-book, and every penny she spent was put down in it. What she had over each week she put in the bank, and her bank-fund had grown to be quite a nice sum. 

The yearly interest she gave to a society for the poor children of New York.

She usually gave five or ten cents in Sabbath-school every week; but at one time her mamma saw by her book that she had given twenty-five cents. She did the same thing the next week.

"Are you going to give as much as that every Sabbath, dear?" her mamma asked.

"No, mamma; I don't think I shall; though I want to, I have felt so kind of prospered lately. You see, I don't need it for myself; and you often say that what we give we have;' so I thought I would rather give it that way than put it in the bank. But I don't know as I shall again."

"Why not? "

"Because, mamma, it's more than the others give, and it looks as if I felt rich and proud, and I'm most afraid there'll be a little self in it somewhere; and that would spoil it all, you know."

Elsie was right to judge her motives in giving. We must never give that others may think well of us, or for display. When we give gifts to Jesus, it must be with a pure heart.

 Morning Light.