Wide Circuit 

“I'M IN."

JENNIE came running up the street just as I reached my gate from an opposite direction.

"Wait half a minute," were the words that came to my ears; and the child-face was so full of something, that I waited.

She made a wide circuit, and, as soon as she was near enough for me to hear, said excitedly, 

"I'm in" Then, with a few more eager words, she was off again.

All the long summer, while other children were enjoying their vacation, Jennie had been studying to obtain a rank in one of the schools above her. 

That day, she had been examined, and found to be fully qualified to enter the desired room.

Her delight and satisfaction were unbounded, and she could hardly wait to tell everybody the good news.

We children of a larger growth, going to school in God's great world school-room all our lives long, learning attentively, or otherwise, the lessons he sets us, how will it be with us when, at last, examination-day for the higher estate of his blessed Heaven shall come for us? Shall each of US, too, joyfully exclaim, while angels and archangels take up the glad echo, "I'm in"?

“Well done, good and faithful servant; enter thou into the joy of thy Lord."


IF you are too weak to journey 

  Up the mountain steep and high, 

You can stand within the valley

As the multitudes go by; 

You can chant in happy measure

As they slowly pass along: 

Though they may forget the singer, 

They will not forget the song.


BOYS and girls, always form a habit of being punctual in everything you do. If you are going to day school or Sabbath school, make it a rule to be there at the proper time, and not a few minutes too late. Some people are always behind time. They will come to church after the services have commenced, and thus annoy others. This is a bad habit, because it interferes with the rights of others; and we should always remember the 

golden rule.

If you are always prompt in the discharge of your duties now in your childhood, the habit will become so fixed that it will follow you through life, and will be of great benefit to you.

We do dislike the habit of lagging behind always too late. Such people fail to do the good they might do, and all because they fail to be prompt. 

If you give a promise, make every effort in your power to fulfill it. Be as good as your word. There are many ways of being prompt, and none more important than being true to your word. When you say you will do so and so, be sure and do it,, and then your word will be depended on. In all our lifework, we should make it a rule to be prompt, and success will be likely to follow as a result. 

Wealthy A. Clarke.