A LITTLE boy upon seeing an open gate through which he was forbidden to pass, shut and fastened it at once; for he said it "temptationed" him to disobey. He meant tempted. Well, temptations meet us all, the children as often as any. How do you meet them? Do you bravely resist them? or, like the little boy, do you avoid them, by shutting them as far away as possible? It is best always to avoid temptation when it can be done, therefore we should pray much, and earnestly, "Lead us not into temptation," at the same time shutting the gate between ourselves and it.

But as temptation cannot always be avoided, in order that it may not get the better of you, you must understand how to meet it. If, when it comes, you begin to parley with it if you hesitate, and debate with yourself regarding it, most likely you will yield to it; on the contrary, if you set yourself firmly to do the right, regardless of consequences, and then, from the heart, ask God to help, you will be delivered from evil. No temptation is so great but that he can deliver you; and he is pleased to do so when you sincerely ask his aid. 

Therefore remember that the right way to meet temptation is, First, Always to avoid it when possible.

Secondly, Never, upon any occasion, to parley with it; but to seek deliverance from the One who has promised with every temptation to make a way of escape.

M. J. C.