Cling To Jesus.

As I walked out through the wood this

morning, my attention was attracted by a

large gray squirrel who was making fast leaps

toward a tall oak. As soon as it reached

the tree it ran up on the opposite side

from me. I walked round the tree, but

he was still on the opposite side, and as often

as I changed my position, little fleet-foot

did the same, keeping the tree between me

and it, to guard itself against any charge I

might make upon it. Although it was not

my intention to harm the poor creature, it

was amusing to follow it round to see how

determined it was to keep out of sight.

Thus we should do when the enemy is

near. Flee to Christ for refuge. Cling close

to him; he will take care of us if we trust

him. Often when we think we are quite well

guarded, Satan comes up on another side

and tries us in another way; but if we are

watching, we shall see him in time to escape

by clinging to the tree Christ and praying

for help. He never refuses to help us

when we try to help ourselves.