DID you ever hear of a man swallowing a Bible? A father once invited his son to accompany him on a visit to a man who he said had swallowed one. The son's curiosity was greatly excited, and not until he heard the words of Scripture fall from the lips of this aged servant did he understand the meaning of his father's words. This individual had so learned the Scriptures that they "dwelt in him richly in all wisdom," and his mind was like a storehouse of precious things, from which could be drawn plentifully, like drawing from an inexhaustible fountain.

After their return, the father asked his son what he thought of the man having swallowed a Bible. "Think, father," said he, "I think that he has indeed swallowed a Bible, for the word of God seems like meat and drink to him." Other individuals have been known who thus acquainted themselves with the Scriptures, and were able to repeat nearly every text, giving chapter and verse where found.

Now if it is true that our natures partake largely of the kind of food upon which we principally subsist, if the mind be nourished with scriptural food the thoughts and aspirations, as a natural consequence, will be of a holy character, so that those persons who desire to purify their thoughts and lives will work most advantageously while making the Bible their chief study.

We wish the great family could appreciate their superior advantages for studying the word of God; for we are instructed that a little way in the future it will be required of us to give the reasons of our peculiar faith. The truths of God's word are now being made so plain, even for the children, that, those who come up to the time of great temptation without a perfect understanding of these things will be left without excuse. May the word of God be indeed our meat and drink, that we may have a weapon of defense in the time of every temptation, and finally stand on the sea of glass with those who shall escape the seven last plagues.

M. J. C.