Speak The Truth

The  ground-work of  character  is  veracity,  

or  the  habit  of truthfulness.  That  virtue lies 

at  the  foundation of every word said.  How

  common it  is  to  hear  parents  say,  "I  have

  faith  in my  child  so  long  as  he  speaks  

the  truth. 

He may  have  many faults;  but  I  know he 

will  not  deceive.  I  build  on  that  confidence.” 

They  are  right.  It  is  lawful  and  just 

ground  to  build upon.  So long as the truth 

remains in  the  child,  there  is  something  to 

depend upon;  but when  the  truth  is  gone,

all is  lost,  unless  the  child  is  speedily to go

back  to  veracity.  Children, did  you  ever 

tell  a  lie?  If so, you  are in  imminent danger. 

Return  at  once,  little reader,  and  enter 

the stronghold of truth, and from it 

you never again  depart.