IN many parts of our country this is the time for making gardens. In the distant South they did this long ago, and are now eating some of the vegetables, which have quickly grown under the warmth of the Southern sun. But in this part of the country we are compelled to wait until sun and soil are ready for us. 

So now we find the farmers at work, plowing, and harrowing, and planting, and getting ready for the great crops, which they hope to gather during the summer and fall.

The children help in this work. They can put seeds of flowers or of vegetables into the earth; and right glad are they that the cold winter is, at last, over; that spring has come with blossoms, buds, and flowers. In a few weeks they will be dropping corn, and then will welcome the time in the summer when the green ears can be gathered and roasted or boiled.

In some families in the country, all the children have little garden spots of their own, in which they dig and sow seed. 

They watch the sprouting plants, and water them, and care for them, and rejoice when the flowers appear, or the vegetables can be gathered for the table. It is very pleasant to eat what one has raised for himself. It seems to have a sweeter taste, and one feels paid for the labor given to it.

Do our readers think of the fact that this young life is to them a sowing time? The habits you are now forming will very likely cling to you through life, for it is very hard to change habits as we grow older. The Bible says, "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." We expect this in our gardens. You would be very much surprised if, when you plant corn, potatoes should grow from the seed. 

Such a thing never happened, and never can happen. So the bad habits, which some children and young people form will, sooner or later, show bad results.

Remember, then, that this is your sowing time. Be sure you have the right kind of seed. Form the very best habits you can, and then, as good seed brings a harvest like itself, you will find these good habits bringing to you happiness. Study hard now, and by and by you will become learned; avoid all low, vulgar language and your speech in after life will be pure; be industrious, and when you grow up, you will not find it a hardship to work; above all, pray daily, and you will receive the grace from God which will keep you ever in the right way. 

S. S. Advocate