Even a Child Can Understand the Scriptures.

NOT long since, while I was visiting an old

acquaintance, a little girl remarked, after

searching the Bible, and reading about the

Sabbath, "The seventh day it the Sabbath."

The circumstance was this: Her father, at

the close of the day's labor, on coming into

the house, took a seat beside me, and entered

into conversation upon the Sabbath question.

After expressing his opinion, he stated that he

knew we were now commanded to keep the

first day of the week.

I requested him to show me the command

in the Bible. This he was not inclined to do.

I told him if he could, I would give up the seventh

day and keep the first. He refused to on

the ground that he was fearful of turning my

mind; and if I believed it, he did not wish to

do so. I replied that he need have no fears;

for if the Scriptures contained such a command,

I wished to know it; as it would be

of no avail to be observing a day contrary to

God's word. But still he declined.

His little girl overhearing us, said, "Yes,

pa, do show her; I will get the Bible, if you

will." He replied, "No, Jennie; no." " But,

pa, Hannah wants to know if Sunday is the

right day to keep, and if she is right, we ought

to know it."

She then gave the Bible to her father, and

insisted on his finding the place. My friend

took it much against his will. After a long

silence, he said he did not know where to find

it. I handed him a tract containing references

on every passage of the Scripture in

regard to the first day.

Jennie, perceiving that he did not care for

it, asked to take it, and immediately went to

work studying out the references. She soon

found the right one, and on reading it, looked

up, and exclaimed, "There, pa, I have found

it, and Hannah is right."

She began to read it aloud: "Remember

the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Six days

shalt thou labor and do all thy work. But the

seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God."

This part was read slowly and distinctly.

She remarked on reading it, "Now, pa, you

will have to give up; the seventh day is the

right day; for the Bible says so.

Her father replied that that was the old

Jewish Sabbath which was done away with;

that we were now living under the gospel 

dispensation and required to keep the first day.

His long-looked-for passage proved to be in

the 4th of Hebrews, which is no command for

keeping the first day. Jennie insisted that

the seventh day was the proper day to observe,

according to the Scriptures.

Thus we see that the Scriptures are so plain

that even a child can understand them.


Battle Creek, Michigan