THERE is said to be a river in South America the water of which is so hot that you cannot bear your hand in it, and clouds of steam rise from its surface as it flows along. Some very hot springs are its source  boiling hot, indeed claimed to be 196° Fahrenheit. A most singular circumstance is, that flowers and plants not only grow along the banks of this hot river, but in the water itself. The Indians of this hot- river country speak the Quichua language, and their name for mother is mamma. It would certainly be very odd to hear those babies say, "Mamma," and that would be the only word in their language which we could understand.


A BROTHER of the distinguished Edmund 

Burke, after listening to one of his eloquent 

speeches in Parliament, was found in a 

very thoughtful mood, and on being asked 

what he was thinking about, replied, "I 

was wondering how Ned had contrived to 

monopolize all the talents of the family; 

but then I remember that when we were 

all at play, he was always at work, studying."