HOW to become beautiful is of such importance with some that it occupies much of their thoughts during their waking hours. They are on the constant lookout for some preparation, which shall clear the complexion, give luster to the eyes, or render the hair more attractive.

Well, who does not admire good looks? Would you have us careless and untidy in our habits, neglectful of our persons, with no regard for our looks?

No, indeed! What we condemn is the injurious lotions, which are sought after and applied to make beautiful, when they have just the opposite effect, and the ignorance as to what constitutes beauty.

We recommend taste in dress, orderly habits, and cleanliness of person. We urge you to make a free use of Nature's remedies, air, water, and sunshine, which will give health, and without which there is no personal beauty.

But genuine beauty does not consist simply in a fair exterior; it is dependent upon beauty of the soul, which consists in "honor, integrity, truthfulness, virtue, and faith." 

The possessor of a handsome face without these qualifications is not beautiful, while these, shining out of a homely face, will hide its defects.

It is sin that deforms. Every deformity in God's work of creation is the result of sin. If we wish to become beautiful, we must get as far away from its pestilential breath as possible. The earlier in our life that we forsake sin, the more beautiful the effect it will have upon our looks and lives. 

To illustrate, An aged man who was very homely, once said to a young man who had a fine face, "You are better looking than I ever was, because you became a Christian while young. I neglected that until after my features became hardened and set with the lines of a sinful life; and though I am now trying to be a good man, I can never be a handsome one."

The most beautiful character on record is that of Christ. He was never defiled with sin. As the possessor of such disinterested benevolence and love, he must have had a very beautiful countenance. He wants to make us like himself. For this he came to the earth and taught the people how to be good, suffered and died for us. 

Let us study his life well, pattern after it in every particular, emulating his zeal in the salvation of others, that we may become truly beautiful in this life, and finally be clothed with immortal beauty in the new earth. 

M. J. C.