Learn To Trust.

"IF God so clothe the grass of the field,

which today is, and tomorrow is cast into

the oven, shall he not much more clothe you,

O ye of little faith?"

Children, do you ever think what a kind

Heavenly Father we have, to supply so many

people with bread, and the comforts of life?

Think of it. Thirty-eight millions of people

in the United States arose this morning for

their daily bread. How many of this great

number do you think sent up a word of praise

and thanksgiving to their Creator for all his

care over them? I fear a great many thousand,

even in our own enlightened land, have

forgotten God.

Notwithstanding all these blessings, how

often we hear persons grumbling and 

complaining if circumstances indicate that they

are not going to have this or that; finding

fault because it is too hot or too cold, too

wet or too dry, remarking that if such weather

continues, or such and such things are suffered,

we shall not have anything. "O ye

of little faith." "Seek first the kingdom of

God and his righteousness, and all these

things shall be added unto you."

Do any of the children  

ever find fault because they do not

have everything they would like? If you

do, stop and think how much has been done

for you, and what you may have if you are

obedient, and love the Lord and keep his

commandments. You have more now than

the Saviour had, he had not where to lay

his head. He left the glories of the heavenly

land, and came here and died for you that

you might enjoy a life of happiness eternally in  

his kingdom. If you seek him with all the

heart, and put your trust wholly in him, he

will provide richly for all your wants, not

only in this life, but in the future life. May

God bless you all, and that you gain the better