DEAR CHILDREN: Since I wrote you about

considering Jesus, I have been thinking of the

dislike some children manifest for the society

of older persons, of their uneasiness when

in their presence, and the relief they seem to

enjoy when they once more get with their

particular mates. Jesus set no such example

during his childhood. We read of him:

"And it came to pass, that after three days

they found him in the temple." How natural

for a boy of twelve, in so great a city as

 Jerusalem was, to be anywhere but in the house

 of God. Most boys would choose to see the 

sights, as they are called. Some would prefer the

 theater, and other places of amusement. But 

Jesusloved his Father's house. "They found

him in the temple" with a company of boys,

making sport, and having some fun? No,

no, "sitting in the midst of the doctors."

Of His own will he was there; it was his choice.

The youth may seek the society of older

persons from a wrong motive. They may

choose it because they are proud, and ambitious

to be thought smart. They may think

it will be more honorable to be seen in their

society. No, children, we do not mean that

any one older than yourself is a better associate,

or that you should seek such society for

any of the above reasons. But seek those

older who are good, who have knowledge,

who will teach you good things, who will

give you the benefit of their experience.

Seek it that you may improve--grow better.

Jesus was "sitting in the midst of the doctors,

both hearing them and asking them

questions" not trying to astonish them with

a show of his knowledge, but sitting as a

hearer, as a questioner. And we are told

that he "increased in wisdom,” . . . and in

favor with God and man."

Oh! May each child who reads this, earnestly

consider Jesus. Learn of him. Do as

he did, be like him. Seek the society of

those older, who are good. Ask God to help

you to love it, to be quiet and happy and 

contented in it.