The  Praying  Girl.

No doubt there are many of our little readers 

that pray, and perhaps some who do not, 

or  who  have  become  discouraged  because 

they  have  not  always  received  what  they 

asked  for,  and  think  the Saviour  does  not 

hear them, as  they  do  not  immediately    

receive  the  things they desire.

Sometimes we ask for  things  that will not 

do  us  good,  and  He  who  knows  all  things 

withholds  them  for our benefit,  or  answers 

our prayers in ways we think not of.

I know of a  little girl who was  led  to seek 

the Saviour, and through prayer, rejoiced in 

the  peace  of  Christ;  and  though  she  had 

unconverted brothers  and sisters who  would 

taunt her  about her prayer?,  yet she    

steadfastly  clung  to  Christ;  and when ridiculed 

for  professing his  name,  would  go away and 

secretly  ask  God  to  turn  their  hearts  to 

Him,  and  beg  that  even  one  of  them  might 

go  with  her  on  the  heavenly  way.  The 

Lord  graciously  answered  her  prayer  in 

the  conversion  of one sister,  and  though the 

other was willful and wild, the Lord softened 

her heart,  and  not long  after, she  too    

confessed  her  need  of  a  Saviour,  and  found 

pardon  at hand.

This  little girl  was glad  indeed  when  her

sisters  turned to  the  Lord,  and  thought  if

they  were  on  her  side,  she  would  not  care

what  her  brothers  might  say.  Still  she

thought if one of them would go with her, she

would  be satisfied.

She made  it  a  special  subject  of  prayer 

that the Lord would save  even  one  of them; 

and  though for  a  time she thought the Lord 

did  not  hear her prayers,  one  brother, who 

was  then many miles away,  was at that time 

convicted  of sin,  and returned home  to  give 

is  heart  to  the Lord.

Some of you  have  brothers  and  sisters 

and  parents  that  are  unsaved.  Pray for 

them,  and if you  do  not see  the  answers so 

soon  as  you  would  like,  trust in  the Lord 

and wait  patiently  for  him,  clinging to  the

promise  that  "whatsoever ye ask the Father 

in  my  name,  he  will  give  it  you."

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