Be Kind.

A CRIPPLED beggar was striving to pick up

some old clothes that had been thrown from a

window, when a crowd of rude boys gathered

about him, mimicking his awkward

movements, and hooting at his helplessness

and rags. Presently a noble little fellow came

up, pushing through the crowd, helped the

poor cripple to pick up his gifts, and placed

them in a bundle. Then, slipping a piece of

silver into his hand, he was running away, when

a voice far above him said, "Little boy with

the straw hat, look up." A lady, leaning

from an upper window, said earnestly, "God

bless you, my little fellow. God will

bless you for that!" As he walked along, he

thought how glad he had made his own heart

by doing good. He thought of the poor beggar's

grateful look; of the lady's smile, and

her approval; and last, and better than all,

he could almost hear his Heavenly Father

whispering, "Blessed are the merciful, for

they shall obtain mercy."


INSTEAD of complaining that the rose has

thorns. I congratulate myself that the thorn is

surmounted by roses!

HAPPINESS is a perfume that one cannot shed

over another without a few drops falling on.

one's self.


If you're told to do a thing,

And mean to do it really,

Never let it be by halves;

Do it fully, freely.

Do not make a poor excuse,

Waiting, weak, unsteady;

All obedience worth the name

Must be prompt and ready.

When father calls, though pleasant be

The play you are pursuing,

Do not any, "I'll come when I

Have finished what I'm doing."

If you're told to learn a task,

And you should begin it,

Do not tell your teacher, "Yes,

I'm coming in a minute."

Waste not moments, nor your words,

In telling what you could do

Some other time; the present is

The time for what you should do.

Don't do right unwillingly,

And stop to plan and measure;

'Tis working with the heart and soul

That makes our duty pleasure.