Dear Young Friends


When reading letters

from my youthful companions,

I feel an inclination to contribute something, by

communicating my feelings, desires, 

determinations and hopes, respecting the 

coming and kingdom of my Saviour. Three years

 ago I was called to part with a beloved mother,

 when only eight years of age; since which, I 

have felt the need of a Saviour. I want to live

 near to Jesus, and have part in the first 

resurrection, that I may meet my dear mother,

 when she shall come up from the grave clothed

 with immortality. What a glorious meeting that

 will be, when the saints will be changed in a

 moment, in the twinkling of an eye, and be 

caught up to meet the Lord in the air. I want to

 go home to glory, there to live with Jesus for

 ever who came into this world and died on the

 cross for guilty sinners as we are. I love Jesus,

 and want to keep his  commandments.

I want to be an over-comer and at

last sit down on his throne. 

I want to be numbered with 

the one hundred and forty-four thousand,

who shall stand upon the Mount Zion with

all the redeemed. The kingdom is cheap enough;

and yet it will take all to purchase it. Will we

not strive to gain an entrance there? Who will

not strive to enter that holy place, and secure a

treasure "where moth and rust doth not corrupt,

nor thieves break through and steal." I want to

enter in through the gates into the city, and have

right to the tree of life. I mean to strive to enter

in, for those only who love God and keep his 

commandments, will ever have admission there.

"Seek my soul the narrow gate,

Enter ere it be too late;

Many ask to enter there,

When too late to offer prayer."


New Ipswich, N. H.,

 February 1853.