What God Has Done

 I receive great encouragement in

hearing from the young who are striving to gain

the reward of the righteous. I have thought that

perhaps I did not contribute my share to the 

common stock of encouragement; for I am 

certain that we should all, both young and old, 

be anxious to come behind in no good word or


My parents, myself, brothers, and sister, came

out upon the Sabbath about ten years ago, at 

which time myself, sister, and others of our age,

 all young, started for the "better land." We 

indeed felt God's blessing upon us, and many 

melting, soul-stirring seasons did we enjoy. At 

length as we became older, the temptations of

 youth coming upon us, someof our number fell

 back, and soon getting cold and indifferent, lost

 all the vitality of religion; I was among that 

number. I could not give up God and the love of 

his truth entirely, but strove to evade

my duty and thus gave place to the Devil, who

 came in, as usual in such cases, like a flood.

O, my dear friends, here let me say to you, do not

dare to live in a constant neglect of duty; even a

slight neglect brings a coldness, which leads to

 a greater neglect, and finally the self-

discouraged soul becomes enveloped in thick

 darkness. This is often, very often, the case.

But to continue. After removing to the West my

mind was not at ease, although new and busy

 scenes with labor, study and pleasure, were

 opened before me. I became fully convinced that

 this world afforded no substantial joys, and the

 deeper we plunged into the things of the 

world,the greater the darkness. With this 

resolution,God in mercy manifested his love and 

compassion to me, and enabled me to turn from

 the downward path, and place my feet in the

 narrow way which leads to life.

O, my young friends, I cannot express to you my

joy and gratitude to God, that he has in my 

wanderings called after me, and blessed me

 while seeking his face and favor. I very often 

realize the presence of God's Spirit, and the joy 

unspeakable as of old. 

The past few months have seemed short, and I

rejoice that each brings us nearer the end. Shall

we not strive, not through our own strength but

God's, to live so that we may hail with joy Him

 who is preparing mansions for us, and will 

shortly return to gather those who love his 


Yours in hope of eternal life,

F. W. M.

High Forest, Minn.