Truth gives character to youth more than all other qualities combined, and it is of greater worth than mountains of gold. "Better die for the truth, than live to uphold error." 

To be thought truthful is not sufficient; act the truth, for truth alone will stand. If you obey the spirit of truth, it will lead you to perfect happiness. No one ever regretted being true and pure in early life. A true life wears the best. The pure and true are ever attracted to those who live unsullied lives "like gathers to like."

Truth is as necessary to the soul as health to the body. "Stand for truth, whate'er betide." Truth is the basis of all manly character; it is the foundation of all goodness. A person may have faults; but confidence can be placed in him, if he is truthful; but when veracity is gone, all is lost, unless he is soon won back to truth. A fault concealed will be very troublesome; it will set one's invention on the rack to add other faults thereto ; even in point of prudence, an honest confession is always better, always the best. All Heaven is on the side of truth. Truth is beautiful, it is consistent, and near at hand, and does not need untruth to bring out its beauty. Some youths vow to be true and raise many pleasant expectations which they never seem to think of again; they practice a thousand deceits, when straight forward truth is just the thing required. Too often they are "chips of the old block."

Be true. Truth and simplicity are beautiful ornaments of culture and refinement; it is a mistaken idea of refinement, or a false culture that ignores either. Open your hearts to the sunlight of truth; brush out the "cob webs of sin" by confession, and make room for that which is prized by the honest and pure. How beautiful is truth! Write it down on your memories, and let it stand as a title page of your whole lives. A fig for all your endeavors, if truth is wanting! Seek the ornaments of truth, of purity these will clothe you with unfading glory, and they will last in eternity.

"Buy the truth, and sell it not."  be bold for truth, fear God, and you have nothing else to fear. If you would make your mark in life for all that is noble and good, have an unending regard for truth, and my word for it, you will succeed. 

Watch! Gather to the stronghold of truth, and from it may you never depart. 

Daniel Orcutt.


THE best education that one can obtain is the education which experience gives. In passing through life, learn everything you can. It will all come into play. Do not be frightened away from any one pursuit. If you cannot have anything more of an education than a smattering, it is better than nothing. Even a slight knowledge of the arts, sciences, languages, opens up a whole world of thought. 

A little systematic endeavor one hour, or even half-an-hour, a day, devoted to the acquisition of knowledge and a man may become learned before he dies. Learn thoroughly what you learn, be it ever so little, and you may speak of it with confidence. A few clearly defined facts and ideas are worth a whole library of uncertain knowledge.