"As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you," saith the Lord. 

Did you ever think what a beautiful promise this is? Doubtless most of our readers know by blest experience what it is to be comforted by their mothers know how ready and willing she is to sympathize with them in all their griefs.

I heard of a little girl who was saying, "Our Father," kneeling by her mother's side, and when she came to "forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors," she suddenly stopped, and burst into tears. 

Her mother tenderly inquired the reason. She said she could not say that she couldn't forgive 'that little girl who broke her beautiful dolly. "Well," said the mother, "God can help you, my child; I'll ask him."And as soon as the mother closed her fervent petition that her little girl might have grace to forgive, the child looked up, smiled, and, clasping her little hands together, slowly and solemnly finished her prayer, commencing with "forgive," and was comforted.

Now, dear children, if you ever feel unhappy concerning the treatment of your playmates, instead of cherishing angry, resentful feelings, and saying bad, naughty words to those around you, get in the habit of telling the Lord about it, and ask him to help you to forgive even as you want to be forgiven. Little children are not apt to keep their troubles to themselves if they have a kind, sympathetic mother. 

Neither let us who are older, when we have such a kind Father in Heaven, who has promised to comfort us as a mother comforteth her child.