Teacher is Hidden 


ONE morning a teacher went as usual to the schoolroom, and found many vacant seats. Two little scholars lay at their homes cold in death, and others were very sick. A fatal disease had entered the village; and the few children present that morning at school gathered around the teacher, and said, "Oh! What shall we do? Do you think we shall be sick and die, too?"

She gently touched the bell, as a signal for silence, and observed," Children, you are all afraid of this terrible disease. You mourn for the death of our dear little friends, and you fear that you may be taken also. I know of but one way to escape, and that is to hide."

The children were bewildered; and the teacher went on. "I will read you about this hiding place," and she read Psalm 91: "He that dwelteth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty."

All were hushed and composed by the sweet words of the psalmist, and the morning lessons went on as usual. 

At noon, a dear little girl sidled up to the desk, and said, "Teacher, are you not afraid of the diphtheria?"

"No, my child," she answered.

"Well, wouldn't you be, if you thought you would be sick and die?"

"No, my dear, I trust not."

Looking at the teacher a moment with wondering eyes, her face lighted, as she said, "Oh, I know! You are hidden under God's wings. What a nice place to hide!"

Yes, this is the only true hiding place for old, for young; for rich, for poor, for all.

Do any of you know of a safer or better? 

Dr. Norton.