A SHIP'S captain in New York wanted a trusty man to take care of his ship. The captain had sent away his sailors, and was going into the country himself.

Somebody said, "John will do; he is a trusty sailor."

But the captain dared not trust him. 

He thought every sailor would steal if he could. But as he could do no better, he locked up everything on board the ship, and brought John to stay there.

Next morning, before he left the city, he thought he would take an early peep at his ship. So he quietly stepped on board, and softly opened the cabin door. There was John on his knees, with his Bible open before him. The captain shut the door carefully, and waited. By-and-by John came out.

"John," said the captain, handing him all the ship's keys, "you may open all the drawers and trunks, and air those things. Keep a sharp lookout, John, for these thieves along the wharves. Have everything snug, and I'll be back next week.