PHIL sat by the cottage window with his lips in a terrible pout. What could be the matter? Why, his mother had gone down the street to see a neighbor, and had left him to take care of his baby sister. Now, Phil meant to have sailed his little boat on the pond just below the garden, and he was very angry to think that his sport was spoiled. He was not willing to give up anything for the dear mother who had done so much for him.

"I won't take care of her, any way," muttered Phil to himself. "If I can't sail, my boat, I'll read my new book." So the naughty boy took his book, and soon forgot all about his sister.

She came and climbed up by his knee, but he pushed her off rudely. She stared at him with grieved, wondering eyes, and then went away.

Presently, with short, uncertain steps, she tottered to the door. She could just walk alone. Slowly she crept out and down the steps into the garden. Through the garden she toddled, her little feet seeming to carry her straight to the pond. Oh, will not Phil look up? No; he is too much engaged with his book to pay her any attention. Then she came to the very edge of the water, and looking in saw a pleasant, round face, encircled with little rings of light hair.

Pretty baby! Carrie stretched out her hands. Alas! Alas! There was a quick splash and a scream! But help is near; not brother Phil, but the old family horse, Prince. See how carefully he takes her up by her clothes and carries her out.

Our artist has given us a very good picture of the sight that met the eyes of mamma, who was just returning home, and of Phil, who, having heard Carrie scream, rushed out to see what was the matter.

As mamma clasped her baby in her arms, oh, how thankful she felt to the faithful old horse! But I cannot tell you how bad she felt, to think that her little boy had been so naughty. Phil was truly sorry, and deeply repented, asking God's forgiveness. He never forgets that through his disobedience his little sister nearly lost her life, and that to the faithful old Prince he owes a debt of gratitude.